Teton Mountain Bike Tours


Touring with the Destiny Foundation

Teton Mountain Bike Tours had a rather large group come bike with us recently! The Destiny Foundation, which was created by Rabbi Berel in 1996, is an organization that translates riveting accounts of Jewish history into audiotapes, books and a series of drama and documentary film projects. The group had a large amount of people, all wearing traditional Hasidic dress. The men were wearing dark trousers, white shirts and black […]

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Spread Creek Mountain Bike Trip

Our adventure started out on Lost Creek Ranch Road. The bouncy van ride was quite charming with lots of sagebrush on either side and the foothills of the Gros Ventre Mountains in the distance. In addition to other geological features of the area, our guide informed us that the Gros Ventures are actually older than the Teton mountain range! First things first! Our Teton Mountain Bike Guide, Dan, advised us […]

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A Day in the Life of a TMBT Guide!

Wake up. Be glad for another day of playing in the Tetons! Eat a hearty breakfast (because you need a ton of energy to do a mountain bike ride)! Put on plenty of sunscreen, to keep out the sun’s harmful rays. Get dressed and grab your gear! Head out to the office and load up the right size bikes to bring for clients. Meet up with guests and chat about […]

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Introducing the TMBT 2009 Guide Group!

Summer in Jackson Hole is now in full swing And our core guide team is working hard to make every trip the ultimate experience for guests! Although the beauty of our National Parks speak for themselves, we know our guides are the most successful part of our business. They have a passion for guiding and love biking with people of all ages. In fact, our leaders are always sharing their […]

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Biking with Woman Tours

Last week, one of our female guides (Rose Caiazzo – far left at bottom of photo) did a four-day road bike tour with a company called “Woman Tours” – the only all women’s bike tour company in America! There was much to see and do on this ride, which took place in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks . . . Day one, we escorted the ladies through the West […]

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Welcome to the Teton Mountain Bike Tours blog!

Teton Mountain Bike Tours is proud to announce the start of our very own blog! It will be a place for information on bike trips, the guides we employ and some photography of the amazing terrain we encounter.  For a more in-depth look at Teton Mountain Bike Tours, you can check us out on our website at https://www.tetonmtbike.com Teton Mountain Bike Tours was established in 1991 by David and Teresa […]

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