Full Day Bike Tours

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Tours

A Full-Day Jackson Hole Biking Experience

Full Day Tours include Scenic/Family Tours, Intermediate/Active Tours, and Advanced/Challenging Tours. We’ve found this is the best way to ensure every single client has the perfect experience.

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Rentals

$115 + $10

Box Lunch*

Teton View Bike Tour


Length: 15-20 miles
Total Time:  6 hours
Riding Time:  4 hours

This mountain bike tour follows along the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park through the open sagebrush plains with incredible views of the Teton Range. The tour travels on a combination of less traveled paved & dirt roads with moderate terrain – an exciting full day riding experience.


Take the Road Less Traveled Through the Teton

$115 + $10

Box Lunch*

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Rentals

Buffalo Valley Bike Tour


Length: 15 miles
Total Time: 6 hours

Riding Time:  4 hours

This mountain bike tour begins in the open alpine meadows of the 4 Mile Meadow area with a gradual descent thru beautiful mountain pine forests to the Buffalo River Valley. The tour begins on a less traveled service road and continues onto a scenic country road with some singletrack options – an outstanding family experience.


A Family Friendly Ride Through Valleys, Meadows, and More
Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Rentals

$115 + $10

Box Lunch*

Flagstaff Bike Tour


Length: 18 miles
Total Time:  7 hours
Riding Time:  4.5 hours

This mountain bike tour begins in the high alpine meadows of the Togwotee Pass area with its abundance of colorful wildflowers and follows the Flagstaff Creek through lush pine forests to Lily Lake and Sagebrush Flats. This tour offers breathtaking views of the Teton range around each corner. The tour travels along a remote forest service road with singletrack options. A “classic” mountain bike tour.


A Real Beautiful, Real Mountain Biking Experience

$165 + $10

Box Lunch*

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Rentals

Old Faithful Bike Tour



Length: 10-15 miles
Total Time: 10 hours

Riding Time:  3 hours
Travel Time in Van: 5 hours

This mountain bike tour travels along the Firehole River to the remote Lone Star geyser. The tour proceeds to the Upper Geyser Basin – home of the world famous Old Faithful geyser and other geo-thermal wonders such as the Castle, Grotto, Riverside and Daisy geysers and the Morning Glory pool. After viewing these amazing wonders we travel to the Biscuit Basin Geyser group.

The Midway and Lower Geyser Basins are the next destination with many smaller geysers, springs and pools. These areas provide great opportunities to see various wildlife, including herds of American Buffalo. This tour travels along a combination of abandon service roads and bike paths providing an incredible way to see and experience the wonders of Yellowstone – a great scenic adventure.


A Remote Ride Past the World’s Most Famous Geysers
Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Tours


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These tours are suitable for all ages and ability levels. The  emphasis of these rides is taking in the scenery at relaxing pace. Your guide will interpret the local landscape and share the natural & cultural history of the area as you ride on paved and/or dirt roads through our national parks and forests.


These tours are suitable for the active-athletic persons. The  essence of these rides is learning some basic mountain bike techniques while riding on dirt and gravel roads with singletrack trail options. These routes are longer and involve more climbing.


These tours are suitable for the advanced – experienced mtb rider. The focus of these rides is the “true” mountain bike terrain whose routes involve two – track and single track trails. The distances are variable but the climbing and descending is for  sure. These tours are some of the “Gems” of the Jackson Hole Back country!