A Day in the Life of a TMBT Guide!

A Day in the Life of a TMBT Guide!

Wake up. Be glad for another day of playing in the Tetons!

Eat a hearty breakfast (because you need a ton of energy to do a mountain bike ride)!
Put on plenty of sunscreen, to keep out the sun’s harmful rays.
Get dressed and grab your gear!

Head out to the office and load up the right size bikes to bring for clients.
Meet up with guests and chat about the Jackson area on the way to the trail.
Ready everyone with helmets, sunscreen and bug spray!
Chat about personal safety with regard to the roads and wildlife in the area.
Get riding!

Point out all the amazing features of the landscape.
Marvel about the blue sky day, while watching a hawk soar in circles for its lunch.
Stop a few moments to watch the enormous bison make their way across the road.
Check out the baby buffalo calves that were born this past spring!
Spy a pronghorn in the sagebrush, making his way across the flatlands.
Remind everyone to take a slug of water!

See that everyone carefully takes note of the terrain change.
Pass by beautiful streams, enjoying the calm sound of rushing water.
Watch as a coyote appears for a brief second and then disappears into the landscape.
Stop and take pictures of guests with the Tetons as the perfect backdrop!
Listen to the calls of the curlew bird.

Discuss reaching the finish of our ride, reminding clients the best bike gears to use.
Have everyone ride until the end, anxiously awaiting the “surprise” we have for them.
Serve up lemonade and cookies!

Take a few more photos and say goodbye, watching guests leave with a great big smile on their faces!
Load up the bikes and gear (taking some time to take in the mountains) and head back to the office.
Chat with other guides about their adventurous day, while returning everything to its rightful place.

Sign out for the day and go play for the rest of the afternoon in the magnificent Tetons!!