Antelope Flats Biking


It’s Buffalo Mating Season in Jackson!

So what exactly is the difference between a bison and a buffalo? The answer . . . Historians speculate that early European explorers used the term ‘buffalo’ as the name for the North American bison, as they were familiar with the species that existed in Africa (Cape Buffalo) and Asia (Water Buffalo). The terms buffalo and bison have been used interchangeably ever since that time. Late summer is an important […]

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Touring with the Destiny Foundation

Teton Mountain Bike Tours had a rather large group come bike with us recently! The Destiny Foundation, which was created by Rabbi Berel in 1996, is an organization that translates riveting accounts of Jewish history into audiotapes, books and a series of drama and documentary film projects. The group had a large amount of people, all wearing traditional Hasidic dress. The men were wearing dark trousers, white shirts and black […]

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