Fat Bike Ride in Jackson Hole – Spring Season

Fat Bike Ride in Jackson Hole – Spring Season

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Tours

The Fat Bike Riding this Winter Season was Fun, Exciting and Adventuresome

Especially riding snowpacked singletrack trails on a Fat Bike- A Complete HOOT ! So as the Winter Riding Season came to an end in late March – and with visions of riding dirt singletrack trails on a regular mountain bike most of us Fat Bike Riders thought about putting our Fat Bikes in storage until late November.

Alas a Novel Thought – Riding a Fat Bike on Dirt Road and Trails – after one short ride on some singletrack trails in April  I was committed to riding a Fat Bike year around. So after some tire changes and minor adjustments the Fat Bike is an All Season Bike.

This Summer Season – TETON MOUNTAIN BIKE TOURS will be Renting FAT BIKES – so check out the local Jackson Hole Singletrack Trails and Dirt Roads on a  Surly Fat Bike – a NEW and FUN Riding Experience !

MORE INFORMATION on Fat Biking in Jackson Hole or Renting a Fat Bike – CONTACT TMBT @ 307-733-0712 or info@tetonmtbike.com .