Touring with the Destiny Foundation

Touring with the Destiny Foundation

Teton Mountain Bike Tours had a rather large group come bike with us recently!

The Destiny Foundation, which was created by Rabbi Berel in 1996, is an organization that translates riveting accounts of Jewish history into audiotapes, books and a series of drama and documentary film projects.

The group had a large amount of people, all wearing traditional Hasidic dress. The men were wearing dark trousers, white shirts and black shoes. The women were wearing long, dark skirts and sleeves past the elbow. Since the group was so big, we split them into two separate tours. One went biking up historical Mormon Row for an hour, while the other group enjoyed 2 hours of riding our most popular tour: Antelope Flats.

After making sure everything was properly tucked in to avoid bike chain rings eating their clothing (!!), we set off into the sunshine. The longer bike ride had a Rabbi, several children and an 83 year old grandfather. The grandfather was used to biking all of his life and never tired out! The kids had lots of fun pointing out the plentiful wildlife – hawks, pronghorn and bison.

Everyone was in awe of the beauty of the Tetons surrounding them. We shared the history of the Hole and our knowledge of the animals we saw on Antelope Flats. Almost everyone had a camera, and we happily snapped picture after picture for them.

By the end of the ride, the people of the Destiny Foundation were raving about Teton Mountain Bike Tours. A tour guide for women’s specialty journeys pulled us aside to tell us she would highly recommend our trip for her future tours to Jackson. Everyone smiled and waved their goodbyes, as they loaded onto their bus to town.

It was certainly another grand day in the land of the Tetons!

Here are some pictures from the tour: