Fat Biking in Jackson Hole Takes Off!

Fat Biking in Jackson Hole Takes Off!

Jackson Hole Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain biking has always been a popular summer activity in Jackson Hole.

In the winter, most Jackson residents and visitors transition into skiing and other traditional snow sports.

Three years ago, our owner, David Hunger, decided to transition TMBT into a year-round business by purchasing fat bikes for winter tours. Since then, the fat biking community in Jackson has grown and TMBT is happy to be a part of the growing sport.

Fat Biking Summit Comes to Jackson

Winter 2014-2015 brought a bit of a turning point in fat biking’s popularity, especially in Jackson. The 4th annual Global Fat Bike Summit was held right here in Jackson, and TMBT was one of the hosts. The Summit included parties, night rides, demos, seminars and more.

Fat Biking in Jackson Hole - Global Fat Bike Summit

Read more about the Global Fat Bike Summit and Teton Mountain Bike Tours on Mosaic Traveler. Fun fact: did you know that fat bike tires were originally created by Michelin for long rides through the desert? Next, people started using fat bikes on the beach, and now they’re being used our favorite way: on snow.

Local Trails for Jackson Hole Fat Biking

Fat biking in Jackson Hole - TMR

One of the advantages to fat biking is that the trails are already established. You don’t need to find new places to go, and with a fat bike, you can re-discover your favorite trails from a different perspective. One of our guides, Rose Caiazzo, writes about fat biking on Turpin Meadow Ranch’s groomed nordic trails.

In an article about the gaining popularity of fat biking, Single Tracks lists Cache Creek and Grand Targhee in their list of 10 of the best fat biking trails in the US. One of their honorable mentions can be found in Casper, Wyoming, if you’re up for a drive!

Still Not Convinced?

Teton Gravity Research, a local leader in outdoor adventures, recently published “A Skeptics’ Guide to Fat Biking.” If you’re wondering about how a fat bike really rides, check out the article. Worried about climbs? Don’t be.  The San Francisco Chronicle even lists our fat bike tours as a winter activity for visiting Jackson!

Fat biking has changed Teton Mountain Bike Tours considerably, especially as the sport has become more popular. Read more about this and other topics in David’s recent interview with the Jackson Hole News & Guide.


If you haven’t taken the plunge into fat biking, check it out before the snow is gone for the season! Rent a fat bike from us or schedule a tour today.